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Lighten Up This Summer!

I’m not really into reviewing beauty products ever since because it is just secondary to my passion for dressing up, style and all those stuff similar that I usually share. Not saying too that I have been bestowed with the perfect features and skin to not mind about beauty.. Haha! I’m just not so obsessed with it until lately. Aging process you know.. And since it’s summer anyway and I’m back to my usual dilemma of hating the sun’s effect on my skin cos I tend to get dark easily,  I am sharing a very short review of this product I was introduced to just recently. I know the easiest way to get the perfect even tone complexion is to get the IV dose of glutathione but I have my own reservations on that. Although I might try it one day. Haha!

So a friend introduced me to two products, these are Korean ones. NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya with Glutathione soap and NLIGHTEN Premium Soap. First impression do last! The packaging is so neat and classy. Even the box is of quality. So one check for that! At times there is some truth to judging a book by its cover. Cos the result is kinda impressive!






  1. If you can’t choose one, have them all! It contains all the bare essentials for a good whitening soap. Papaya, kojic and glutathione in one bar. Talk about triple strength.
  2. I like the subtle clean scent. Not overpowering.
  3. It doesn’t sting like the usual kojic and papaya soaps in the market. So you can use it on face. I can really tell a product is too harsh if it feels sharp and drying.
  4. It has a tightening effect but in a good way. It doesn’t feel drying. So it’s good for pimple prevention.
  5. I have seen immediate result just after one bath. Trick: I use the regular bath sponge sold in the market and its so bubbly and smooth! It’s like getting a body scrub at the same time. It works for me at least :)
  6.  I noticed difference within a week. skin tone is more even, it lightens in about a few days with continuous use. And that’s the more important thing right?


  1. It can melt that easily if stored improperly in the bathroom. So try to keep it really dry every after use.
  2. It’s more pricey that the usual bars in the market. Sold at Php200. Nevertheless, quality comes with a price right?






  1. Formulated with the finest powerful moisturizers such as Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. I like the content.
  2. The fresh gentle scent is one thing I really love.
  3. I can feel the gentle cleansing power while washing. Doesn’t sting.
  4. Instant soft and moisturized skin after use.
  5. I noticed finer pores after a few use.
  6. Been using for two weeks now every after Kojic Papaya. ( Is this okay? Works for me though )
  7.  I think this will deliver its promise of age fighting effect.


  1. Has to be stored in dry container after use or it melts easily.
  2. More pricey than those regular over the counter bars that promise same effect. Then again, who says beauty is cheap?



So there you go.. With a vast selection of whitening and anti-aging products in the market today running from the cheaper to the more expensive types, it is very hard for an average Filipina to decipher who can deliver. That is probably why we have beauty bloggers here and there who are willing to share reviews. Then again, it’s always a case to case basis. Like love, when you find the one, it is the one. Although  It doesn’t hurt to look around at first.


Happy Summer!


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